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On Thursday, we were invited to a jazz evening in Casa La Concha, a private house transformed into a cozy inn up in the northern hills of Marbella. This maison de charme is the creation of Milena Burot who moved to Marbella from Madrid.

Casa La Concha has 4 bedrooms in the main house and 5 cottages spread out in the gardens of the large property. The decor is chic and simple and there are lots of little corners including an Arabian courtyard with a fountain where breakfast is served and a large terrace overlooking the gardens and the mountain perfect for having a drink and enjoying a book
For that evening, the main house was decorated with candles and Moroccan lanterns and several tables were set around the living room. At 9 p.m. there were only a few people standing on the terrace having Cava and tapenade canapes. Soon after everyone else arrived, around 40 in all, and we sat down to dinner.

The food was classic French which was to be expected since the innkeeper and owner, Milena, is French. Dinner started off with poireaux vinagrette (wilted leeks in vinagrette served lukewarm). This was followed by sauteed chicken breast served with wild mushrooms and rice. A cheese plate with a green salad came after and dessert was Poire Belle Helene (poached whole pears served with chocolate sauce). Our glasses were always refilled with wine and the service was smooth.

The relaxed atmosphere was such a change from the usual cocktail parties and events in Marbella. It was casual and intimate and the jazz trio provided great background music for the dinner. As always, an evening spent with interesting company and good food passes much quickly than one realizes. Before we knew it, it was 2 a.m. and time to head home. We’re looking forward to the next event at Casa La Concha on the first weekend in May.

2 thoughts on “Jazz at Casa La Concha

  1. Roselyn says:

    Thanks Bien! I’m glad you enjoyed my recent post on Casa La Concha.


  2. bien says:

    The delicious colors of the pillows,shade and curtains are extremely appetizing. The overall event at the CASA described by Roselynne is indeed alluring.


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