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The lavender is in bloom so I suppose summer is finally here. After a few false starts and many days of rain, it’s time to do my wardrobe changeover and bring out my summer outfits.

I was reading the New York Times and stumbled on a website dedicated to Spanish gastronomy called Spain Gourmetour. There are very informative entries of the different products available from the 17 autonomous communities of Spain.

The entry on Andalusia lists all the wonderful food produced in this region – extra virgin olive oils, fruits and vegetables, hams, honey and wines and spirits – and pinpoints which areas these are produced in along with a listing on the gastronomic highlights of the region.

Closest to home, we can find raisins and wines from Malaga while asparagus, honey, vinegar and an extensive selection of extra-virgin olive oils come from nearby Granada. There are also sherries, brandies and vinegars from Jerez in Cadiz and Iberico (Iberian) hams from Huelva. It will be a treat to explore the rest of the region and discover all these gourmet products in the coming months.

Today, I’m going to do some armchair travelling and reread some of my favorite food and travel writing al fresco.

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