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One of the habits that I’ve picked up after a year of living in Spain is the Mediterranean breakfast of pan con tomate y aceite de oliva (toasted bread drizzled with olive oil and spread with crushed tomatoes). Along with a cafe con leche, it’s how most Andalusians start their day. It’s best enjoyed in a typical cafe accompanied by lots of people watching.

This morning, I had my breakfast at a small panaderia (bakery) across the street from the weekly market in San Pedro – breakfast first then food shopping.

There are loads of cafes that serve this but one that is worth a visit is the Cafeteria Marbella located alongside the tiled park called the Alameda in downtown Marbella. This bustling cafe is a lugar tipico (typical place where locals go) and is a great place to try an Andalusian breakfast and watch the world go by.

2 thoughts on “The Mediterranean Breakfast

  1. Hi James,Nice to know that my post brought back some food memories.G.T.


  2. James Lorne says:

    Hey,I lived in Spain for about half a year and your description of the breakfast just brought me back… especially the café con leche.


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