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Now that summer has arrived and the days are long and bright, our weekends are spent on the beach to enjoy the sun and sea.

The whole length of the Costa de Sol is lined by beaches with one to suit every taste – some for families, some for party people and even a few for nudists.

On most days, we end up at our favorite Chiringuito or beach hut restaurant, La Playa Fantastica, which has lounge chairs underneath rush umbrellas. It’s rustic chic suits us since the place is often packed with locals, there’s always fresh fish at the restaurant and lots of kids playing in the sand. The atmosphere is relaxed and the same families sit in their favorite spots almost every weekend. Renting a lounge chair costs 6 euros each (the price sometimes goes up to 10 euros in July and August) and drinks and tapas are served on the beach or a simple grilled fish lunch enjoyed at the restaurant with our feet buried in the sand.

Other times, mostly when family and friends visit and ask to experience the Marbella scene, we take them to this other beach club that opened only a year ago not far from where we live.

Puro Beach‘s all-white sophisticated decor is filled with mini bikini-clad women or Vilebrequin-shorted men sipping champagne by the pool. It’s great for hanging around with friends who are in town to party. There is an infinity pool right by the beach (children are not allowed to swim in the pool) and a DJ playing chill out music all day long and funky club music from dusk till dawn. The restaurant is decent although expensive and serves Continental fare although the service can be a bit spotty when the place is packed. Lounge chairs cost from 50 euros each and range from a single or double sun bed and even a covered tent to rent out. They also offer beach side massages and treatments plus a daily yoga class. Puro Beach’s location in Laguna Village is also a plus. Aside from the beach club, there are several restaurants (Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Bar, Fashion Sushi, Delicatessen Bodega Pata Negra etc.) and shops (Flamant, Elle Morgan, Escada etc.) in the complex.

So what’s the answer? I guess it depends on your mood. For everyday rustic chic, choose chringuito La Playa Fantastica but for a more sophisticated experience, go to Puro Beach. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

2 thoughts on “La Playa Fantastica or Puro Beach?

  1. Glad you liked the entries.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed reading your latest entry particularly the recipes! thank you so much!


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