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My favorite cookbook is Nigel Slater‘s “The Kitchen Diaries”. It’s almost always off my shelf because I skim through it looking for ideas and seeing what I can make from what’s in season. His love for food really shows through in his writing and his recipes are foolproof. It’s the kind of food I love to cook on a daily basis and shows how uncomplicated and unfussy good food can be. The photos are lovely as well. Here’s an extract from the Harper Collin’s website plus some seasonal recipes from Nigel Slater’s website.

6 thoughts on “Nigel Slater’s THE KITCHEN DIARIES

  1. Haven't heard of Stephanie Alexanders but will have a look in Amazon for her book. Thanks for checking in!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Surfing for my favourite cook,Nigel slater. He is indispensable and intelligent. Do you know about Stephanie Alexanders Cookbook. As an aussie I use this almost on a daily babis especially as i like to cook seasonally and she indexes her book by ingredients e.g. Zucchini and hey presto! a recipe for whatever you have heaps of.


  3. Unfortunately, we don’t get Food Network here in Spain. Glad to know that Nigel Slater is a new discovery for you. Hope the recipes turn out well.


  4. cube says:

    Thanks for sharing. I’m such a slave for the Food Network that I hardly ever search other sources of delightful recipes.


  5. All of Nigel Slater’s books are really easy to use but The Kitchen Diaries is the best one. Let me know how it goes.


  6. Ana Liza says:

    thanks for the tip!will definitely pick this up at the English bookstore here in Frankfurt…we are always looking for new ideas for everyday meals…ana liza


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