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Another day, another discovery – we had lunch at a nearby chiringuito (beach restaurant) that was recently taken over by new management. Sonora beach on Los Granados Playa is reminiscent of beach bars in Bali, Boracay and Punta del Este – laid back but with attitude. Think kaftans, flip-flops and wind-blown hair rather than itsy-bitsy glitzy bikinis and large gold shades.

There’s a bar right near the front, several tables scattered around, two wooden benches where one can either have a drink or just chill out with a coffee and a book plus a little corner with funky beach items for sale. There are also a few sunbeds out front for those who want to work on their tans.

The food is a mix of paninos (grilled sandwiches), burgers and salads with some Spanish dishes mixed in. Today, for example, there was grilled sardines and paella. They serve breakfast as well. Check it out soon.


Sonora Beach

CN-340, Km.163, Estepona (see map below)

Tel: +34 619 318 098 or 626 060 624

Open all day everyday except Mondays

No credit cards

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