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We arrived in Madrid late Sunday afternoon on the same day as the final match of the Spanish league and the city was readying itself for a Real Madrid win. The area near the Ritz, where we stayed, is traditionally where all the football fans gather on important game days for Real Madrid. This being the final, the area around the hotel was already filled with supporters getting ready for the final. We had a quiet meal at a nearby pizzeria then headed back to the hotel for an early night which turned out into an all-nighter with the fireworks and partying fans on the Plaza Canovas nearby.

The following morning, we had a few important errands to run and then in the evening, we had a dinner reservation at Kabuki . I chose this restaurant because of it’s high score in the Zagat.

A and I had dinner with my good friend, T and we chose an outdoor table in their pleasant terrace. The menu at Kabuki is quite large each section divided into classic Japanese cuisine and Kabuki specialties.

We started off with miso soups then had sashimi of tuna and salmon which were very fresh. From the Kabuki specialties, we had the temaki (a hand-rolled sushi cone) of spicy tuna with fried quail’s egg – something that none of us had ever tried. The temaki was very good – an interesting flavor mix of warm fried quail’s egg with the cool spicy tuna chunks accompanied by cold sake.

For our main courses, we chose the traditional mixed tempura – prawns, sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers and lotus root and from the specialties, a sauteed tenderloin sprinkled with sea salt and served with a spicy mustard dip. Dessert was ogura (red bean) ice cream.

Ave. Presidente Carmona, 2
Tel: +34 914 176 415

Closed Saturday at midday, Sundays, bank holidays, Easter week and 3 weeks in August

**** Food (excellent sushi and sashimi)

**** Atmosphere (Modern interiors with a nice outdoor terrace)

*** Service (Correct and efficient although the waiters could smile a bit more)

My tip: Order the set menu (either traditional or Kabuki) to try the wide range of specialties available.

2 thoughts on “KABUKI

  1. Hi Cooking Ninja,Glad that got you hungry! I’ve been furiously blogging all day and have more to add tomorrow. Thanks for checking in and watch out for the rest of my San Sebastian entries.


  2. wow! I’m drooling over my keyboard now. Those delicious salmon sashimi and the handroll. yummy …did you hear my stomach growl? 🙂


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