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I haven’t been posting recently because this week was the first week of summer holidays and we had to organize the children’s activities for the month. We’ve signed up all five children to a soccer and multi-sports camp called Soccer Camp Marbella. It’s a great way for the kids to keep busy with sports. The schedule is from 11 to 4 and they have lunch there as well. They’re now signed up for twice weekly sessions – this weeks they did soccer and mini-golf. Now that they’re set up, we’re planning to have a few treatments at the Thermae Spa of the Villa Padierna. More on that later……

2 thoughts on “Setting up for the summer

  1. Hi Cooking ninja,Ooops, I hope you don’t think we have five kids…we have one and the my two friends have two each. We can’t wait for that spa day 🙂


  2. Over here, the parents usually send the kids for summer camps during summer 😉 Enjoy your spa treatment! You deserve it – 5 kids ! wow! I’m already exhausted just dealing with my 1 year old. I salute you.


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