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On Saturday mornings, we usually drive over to Guadalmina to buy the papers and have breakfast at a café/patisserie – D’Alicia that has the best croissants on the Costa del Sol. It’s a little place with an outdoor terrace and a few tables inside. They have a limited menu of sandwiches and salads but most people stop by for a coffee and a pastry. D’Alicia also has a super selection of bread, cakes, pastries, cookies and quiches to take away. The prices are very reasonable and they’re open all day long from 9:00 a.m.
After breakfast today, we stopped by the English bookstore – Bookworld to have a look then walked over to Prensa Vicky (wide range of national and international of newspapers, magazines plus funky beach bags and espadrilles). We bought our usual stack of weekend newspapers (FT Weekend, Sur, Marca) and magazines (Grazia, Le Point , Vanity Fair).

4 thoughts on “D’ALICIA CAFE

  1. Hi Cooking Ninja,Yes, they’re crushed tomatoes spread on the toasted baguette drizzled wih olive oil and eaten with a sprinkling of salt. I do it a home by cutting a plum or vine-ripened tomato in half squeezing it through a fine sieve before spreading on toasted bread. It’s a really yummy breakfast – try it sometime!


  2. Hi Foodie Froggy,The red spread is made of crushed tomatoes and is the typical Mediterranean breakfast. I wrote about this in May.(


  3. Are those fresh tomatoes on the baguette? Yummy. I made those Italian appetizer once quite some time back. It was delicious but I think have lost the recipe unfortunately.


  4. What is this red “spread” on the baguette ?


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