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Finding English books in Southern Spain is not difficult what with several Bookworld shops scattered on the Costa del Sol but when I’m looking for something specific – especially cookbooks – I go online and order them directly from

Living within the E.E.C. has many advantages, one of which is shopping online from European sites and getting the order delivered straight to my door without having to pay any taxes.
I’ve always said that I’m a fan of Nigel Slater so I’m completing my collection of all his cookbooks. My recent discovery is Rose Carrarini’s Breakfast Lunch Tea which is a compilation of recipes from her famous cafe/boulangerie in Paris’ 9eme arrondissementThe Rose Bakery. I just received the first half of my order today and am looking forward to some quiet time this weekend leafing through my cookbooks and trying some new recipes. Aside from the four above, I’m still expecting the other half of my order below which should arrive in a few weeks.

3 thoughts on “New books

  1. joey says:

    Love the covers of the Nigel Slater books…Fully Booked (did you reach them? they were formerly Page One in Rockwell) just opened their 5-storey flagship store in the Fort (makati)! Will check out their Nigel Slaters…


  2. Hi foodie froggy, I skimmed through the book yesterday and the photos are wonderful plus the recipes seem easy to do.


  3. Yes, Rose is very famous in Paris, her book is also available in french. I can’t wait to buy it !!


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