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After all the frenzy of July and having my friends plus kids over, it’s awfully quiet at home. Everyone left over the weekend – F & S plus kids back to Moscow, T back to Madrid and C also to Madrid to spend a few days with T before heading back to Provence.

I have 6 days to go before I leave for Las Vegas with my 5-year old son, J. We’re going to visit my sisters and meet my three-month old niece. We’ll be spending three weeks there and will hopefully, be able to try out lots of new restaurants. As soon as I get to the States, I’m going to replace my dead Canon Powershot – any suggestions for a compact digital camera anyone?

4 thoughts on “Summer holidays

  1. Thanks Joey, I will. Hopefully, I’ll post some interesting finds in Laguna Beach and Las Vegas.


  2. joey says:

    Lucky you! Please give a big hug to Doodsie, Natalie, and Chris from me! 🙂 Enjoy Vegas!!!


  3. Thanks for the tip, Liz! I’ll have a look when I get to Vegas. Where are you off to in Spain? If you need any suggestions, let me know.G.T.


  4. KIWIWRITER says:

    My Canon powershot packed up too recently. Just bought an Olympus SP-550UZ…a little bigger than the powershot but still quite compact. It has a 18x optical zoom that goes from 28 mm to 400…figured it would be great for travel…lots more bells and whistles though…have three weeks to learn it all before I get head off to Spain and then New York…Have a great time stateside…I love Las Vegas…all the color and show…Cheers,Liz


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