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No, this isn’t a recipe for that French vegetable dish. We went to see Ratatouille with our 5-year old today and I have to say that we really enjoyed it. What’s not to like? A novice chef, a lovable gourmet rat and a three-star restaurant in Paris, our favorite city in the world.

In one of the scenes, Linguini and Colette shell a large bowl of peas and I couldn’t help but laugh at this since I had to do the same thing when I was a stagiaire (intern) in the kitchen of the Hotel de Crillon. After half an hour of shelling a large bucket of peas, I remember eating a few handfuls to make the work go faster.

Cartoons may not be your thing but this feel-good family film is perfect for those who love food and Paris. The animation, the characters and how things work in an haute-cuisine kitchen are so true-to-life and accurate. Go and see it soon.

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