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I finally took the plunge and bought myself a laptop. I’ve been a dedicated desktop user but with my recent blogging and travelling, it’s getting harder to find a way to post new entries onto my blog without my own laptop. So, yesterday evening, I headed over to Best Buy and bought an HP dv2000. It’s light enough and small enough (14.1 inch screen) to take with me in my hand carry luggage. Along with that I also bought a digital camera to replace my last one with the smashed LCD screen. I went for the Canon Powershot SD750. So now, I’m fully equipped again and will be blogging a few more restaurants in Las Vegas before we go back to Marbella next Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Hardware revamp

  1. The Q45 is really handy and looks great too.


  2. It’s hard to post a blog when travelling. My honey bought me a nice samsung Q45 in July. 🙂 I love it.


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