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It’s been a busy week with chores, filing, bill-paying and taking my son to the first round of birthday parties which also meant I had to do several extra trips to the store to get gifts. This week though I’m off to Paris, my favorite city, and I’m so looking forward to it.

I leave on Tuesday and I’m meeting a friend there who is celebrating her 45th birthday with a dinner at Senderens , formerly the Michelin-starred Lucas Carton (more on that later). I’ve lined up a few other interesting restaurants to try – among them, the year-old 21 from chef Paul Minchelli plus another dinner reservation at the tried and tested L’Epi Dupin. My mom arrives at the end of the week we spend one night together in Paris before we both fly back to Marbella on Saturday. I can’t wait…..

3 thoughts on “Mini-break: Paris

  1. Hi Foodie Froggy – Just got back from Paris late last night. Senderens was very very good and I didn’t make it to L’Epi Dupin but I discovered 21 instead and the food there was incredible – the best meal we had in Paris.Hi Joey,I’ll try and upload the photos today and post as soon as I can. We’re back in Marbella with my mom.


  2. joey says:

    How fun! 🙂 Hi to your mom and enjoy Paris! Looking forward to what I’m sure will be fabulous food posts when you return!


  3. Wow, Senderens and L’Epi Dupin, you know your restaurants !! Can’t wait to read your reviews !


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