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We had dinner with visiting Swiss friends, Christian and Daniella, the night before they returned home. They had brought us a his and hers box of chocolate truffles from famous Swiss confiserie Sprüngli. My husband got the Cru Sauvage selection and I got the Grand Cru selection.

The Cru Sauvage is a box of sixteen chocolate truffles made from 72% Bolivian cacao. The beans grow wild in this region, hence the name sauvage, and are smaller with an intense natural aroma.

There are four types of cacao from different parts of the world in the Grand Cru selection differentiated by their shapes – the Trinitario cocoa bean from Madagascar (round), the Criollo bean from Venezuela (square), Trinitario beans from the Cuban mountain range (cylinder-like)and the Arriba bean from Ecuador (oval lozenge).

After our dinner at the Asador Guadalmina, I opened my box at the restaurant and had two right then and there with my coffee. Since then, we have been polishing off the box nightly to accompany our after-dinner espresso, one truffle at a time. Merci villmahl!

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