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We left sunny Marbella late Friday evening and arrived at dawn in Buenos Aires on Saturday. The evening flight was perfect as we were able to sleep through the night and wake up just as we were landing. Since we couldn’t check-in at the apartment we had rented till 2:00 p.m., we went directly to my in-laws home in the leafy neighborhood of Barrio Norte where they were expecting us.

After hellos, hugs and kisses, we sat down to a wonderful breakfast spread Argentine-style prepared by my mother-in-law with different types of facturas (baked goods). There were the two versions of croissants – sweet (manteca) and salty (grasa), danish-type pastries, a few specialties from the north of Argentina and some dulce de leche, the Argentine’s daily spread made of caramelized milk. Along with that, we also had halved grapefruits and lots of coffee.

After breakfast, we sat around and caught up on all the news from their side and at around 10:00 a.m., we went for a walk around the neighborhood and then sat at the corner cafe where we watched the world go by – joggers, kids on skateboards, delivery vans, locals reading the weekend papers and having a cortado (espresso cut with a little milk) including several dog walkers loaded down with from six to a dozen different dogs, an everyday sight in Buenos Aires.

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