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We’re off to Madrid this afternoon and we’re taking the train instead of flying there. The last time we took the train to Madrid was in August, 2006 when the trip was still on a regular train that took almost four hours. Now, with the AVE (high-speed train), getting to Madrid only takes 2 hours and forty minutes. The best part is the train arrives downtown at Atocha station which is very near the Hotel Ritz, where we’ll be staying.
Last Christmas, my husband and I agreed to no gifts except for token ones – he gave me a scarf and a picture frame and I gave him a World Grand Tour boxed set of eight LUXE guides which included: Madrid, Paris, Rome, Istanbul, New York, Dubai, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Tokyo and Sydney. The slim accordion format of these guides make them really easy to stick into a handbag ensuring that the guide is always with you instead of left behind on the hotel rom bedside table.
This weekend instead of using our tried and tested Louis Vuitton guides, I’ll be using our brand-new Madrid Luxe guide. Let’s see what new places we’ll discover with it.

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