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Where did the week go? I have no idea. The weather is warmer and we’ve been enjoying the view of the sea from our terrace which hasn’t been visible because of the rains.
We did have our first al fresco lunch of the season on the beach last Sunday – a fantastic way to welcome spring and the warm weather and we had a Thai seafood takeaway yesterday night from the Thai Gallery, our new favourite. As for the rest of the time, i whiled it away sitting in a sunny spot and spent the time catching up on my reading and diminishing my bedside reading pile. I’m down to my last book – Argentine Alan Pauls’s The Past and will soon start flipping through my cookbooks again for some seasonal recipes to try out. I might start with Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Express then continue with my brand-new door stopper – Alan Davidson’s The Oxford Companion to Food. That should jump start my cooking and bring out more posts.
In any case, we’re off to Paris next weekend for a week of eating, shopping and lazing around.

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