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Off to our favorite city tomorrow afternoon for a few days, five to be exact. I keep checking the weather report and see only rain and low temperatures but Paris is Paris whatever the weather may be so we’re packing and getting ready. We’re staying at a new area this time – not in our usual quartier the 6th – but in the 14th at a newly renovated Marriott Rive Gauche on the Boulevard St. Jacques. We’ve already made a few restaurant reservations – one at 21 on rue Mazarine which I tried in October last year with a friend and would like to take my husband to and another at Le Bis du Severo, a newish bistro in the 14th arrondissement that has been getting rave reviews. Of course, we will also go to our mainstays – L’Entrecote to initiate our six-year old in perfect steak-frites and the secret sauce and also to the historical Brasserie Lipp, to show him what a typical Parisian brasserie is.

One thought on “Mini-break: Paris

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