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On our last day, we took our son to do some clothes shopping. Amazingly for a six-year old, he was eager to choose his own clothes himself son we accompanied him to the GAP Kids on Rue de Rennes. He managed to find himself several of summer outfits in under an hour. We were planning to walk a bit more when it started to drizzle so we ran into a small Japanese restaurant for some lunch (more on that later).

After lunch, we headed off to Café de Flore for some dessert – a fantastic café Liègeois which is a French concoction of coffee flavoured ice cream with coffee sauce and lots of crème Chantilly (hand-whipped cream) – delicious! Our last strong French espressos while we waited out the rain. The weather was so strange – it would rain for ten minutes then the sun would shine then rain again. We finally left as soon as a bit of sun came out and waited at the taxi rank just in front of another famed Parisian brasserie across the street from the Flore – Brasserie Lipp. We didn’t have the chance to eat at chez Lipp this time but we will certainly stop by when we are next in Paris.

3 thoughts on “Paris: Last day

  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ll be sure to check them out the next time I’m in Paris which I hope is soon.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of restaurants in Paris, we just had dinner in one of the most surprising (exotic?) restaurant of Paris. Surprisingly, it is located in one of Paris trainstation, the Gare de Lyon. It has both an excellent French cuisine and an incredible period interior architecture. You can’t expect to find this sort of restaurant in a train station. Its name is “le Train Bleu”, see 1st link on this page :


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