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Set lunch menus at Yaki Japo

Our lunch place on our last day in Paris was chosen by our son. Surprisingly, he had enough of fries and wanted to have sushi instead. Luckily, there is a reasonably-priced Japanese restaurant, Yaki Japo, just off the Rue de Rennes on the tiny Rue du Sabot. We arrived in the middle of the lunchtime rush but were seated in a booth after just a short wait. There is an a la carte menu of yakitoris, sushi and sashimi but most everyone has the set lunch menus priced between 16€ and 18€ (a more complete dinner set menu is 35€). There are three yakitori set menus – 4 sticks, 5 sticks or 7 sticks, a sushi set menu and a sashimi a set menu. All menus come with a bean sprout and cabbage salad, miso soup, a bowl of steamed rice and two scoops of ice cream for dessert – a bargain in Paris.

We each had a set menu and were soon served with 2 plates of yakitori, a plate of sashimi and another of sushi which we all shared. The fish was fresh and the sushi rolls were very good. The yakitoris were fine although they could have been cooked a bit longer on the grill to have a smokier flavour. Portions are large and they don’t scrimp on either the sushi or the sashimi plates. Our bill came up to a reasonable 78.50€ for four set menus and two bottles of Evian (about 19.60€ per person). We polished everything off and headed off to the Flore for some coffee and dessert.

Yaki Japo Mitsuko
8 Rue du Sabot, 75006 Paris
+33 (01) 4222 1774

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