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After three full days in Paris, it was time to go back home. My plane was due to leave at noon so I got up early and right after breakfast, hit the Marché Maubert one last time with Daria to buy my gouter (snack) for the flight back.

I knew where I wanted to go to get my packed lunch – it had to be Boulangerie Kayser, a block away on the rue Monge. I had heard so much about this artisan baker and how the baguettes are baked fresh and hot on the spot. Eric Kayser is one of the selected few cult boulangers of Paris along with Jean-Luc Poujauran and Pôilane.
We joined the short queue at the door and I decided on a sandwich de jambon et crudités (a.k.a. ham lettuce and tomato with mayo but it just sounds so much yummier in French) plus a hundred grams of mini financiers (almond cakes) in three flavours: plain, chocolate and pistachio. Daria bought three hot, crispy baguettes and she let me have have a chunk of the tip off to eat right there. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside the bakery but I was able to sneak one while the lady behind the counter was packing up my purchases. After that it was straight on to my taxi for the airport.

Arrived at the airport with so much time left so I settled myself in a comfortable chair and had my Kayser picnic lunch. It was such a relief to have my super sandwich and financiers instead of having to buy one of the overpriced plastic-wrapped sandwiches from the airport kiosks. Au revoir Paris et a trés bientôt!

3 thoughts on “Au revoir Paris

  1. Hi Jenn,The baguette was crispy outside and soft, chewy and holey inside. Perfect!G.T.Hi Teresa,Thanks for checking in. I’m glad you like the site – it’s really nice to know that others are enjoying my travels too.G.T.


  2. I am so envious of your travels. The closest I’ve been to Paris is when my daughter called while on a summer travel adventure from school saying she was at some out door cafe having some creme brulee. I love your site.


  3. Sounds like the perfect send of meal! Much preferred to the stuff you get in the airport! How was that baguette??Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!


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