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Off to London tomorrow morning for our week-long summer break. It’s the only time my husband can spare before the peak season in Marbella starts and he gets busy at work. Booked a few restaurants already – an old Italian favorite, Oliveto, and a French tapas-style restaurant from the Club Gascon team, Le Cercle, off Sloane Square that have a kid’s degustation menu (no fish fingers or nuggets!!) and finally a lunch booking at roast, the all-British restaurant overlooking the main hall at the fantastic Borough Market.

It’ll be a different trip this time since our 6-year old will be with us. The last time he was in London was when he was six months old, on our way to Dubai from Santiago, so everything will be a first. I had hoped to take him to the theatre but he didn’t seem that keen to go so instead we’ll do a few museums, the parks and the double-decker bus tour. We’re all looking forward to our week in London.

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