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Yesterday evening, we decided to have dinner out at the last minute and were stuck on where to go. We wanted to try something new and thought why not Lebanese? When we lived in Dubai, Lebanese food was a standard meal for us and we used to have it quite often. Since then, we haven’t been so it was something we were missing.

There are several Lebanese restaurants on the Costa del Sol but we wanted to go somewhere central and quick so we headed to Marrush in Puerto Banus. The place is located right by the main cinema close to the beach. The interiors are simple and is almost like a fast-food restaurant with photographs of food displayed on the wall and a shawarma counter for takeaway sandwiches opening onto the street. We sat near the terrace and ordered a few things to sample – muttabal (baked aubergine with tahini and lemon juice), cheese fatayer (cheese-filled pastries), falafel (broad bean and chickpea fritters), shish taouk (grilled chicken on a skewer served with salad and french fries) and finally a lamb and chicken shawarma on fresh flat bread with spicy garlicky sauce.

The food came quickly and was pretty good – the cheese fatayer were flaky, the muttabal had that smoky grilled aubergine flavor although it lacked the pomegranate seeds usually added for their sweet-sour crunch, the shawarma was freshly-made and spicy and the falafel were crunchy. The only disappointment was the shish taouk which was a bit on the dry side. Other than that, it was a cheap and cheerful meal, a rarity in overpriced Puerto Banus. It’s an ideal place for a quick snack or a simple meal.
Complejo Gran Cine Marbella
Puerto Banus
Tel: +34 952 81 48 19

One thought on “MARRUSH

  1. Dazy says:

    I like the other Lebanese variety – slightly hard lamb, chicken thighs and kafta. More tempting with buttered and cinnamon rice.


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