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Since today is Halloween, just thought I’d share some treats from Marbella’s Centro Plaza. It’s a little mall in Nueva Andalucia which has a few interesting shops and restaurants, most of which are in little kiosks with lots of outdoor tables to enjoy the year-round sunny weather.

We had been to Yanx, the American restaurant, several times before and a few days ago, I wrote about Top Thai . We went back again yesterday to have a walk around the mall and try a few of the other places as well. First, we had breakfast at Cafe Starz, another kiosk on the main area with an all-day menu of breakfasts, salads and sandwiches. We had a decent breakfast of eggs, toast and bacon which was fine although the coffee could have been stronger.

After breakfast, we peeped into Delices d’Ailleurs, a boutique filled with interesting French things from place mats to teas, cutlery to tea towels. It’s owned by one of the mum’s in my son’s year at school and is a great place to find hostess gifts.

A bit further along is a deli/cafe called Scandinavia’s Finest which had a wonderful display of Scandinavian specialties – herring, prawn salad, cold cuts and sandwiches and lots of other things. We couldn’t resist and left with a takeaway box of some creamy prawn salad, herring in dill sauce and some poppy seed rolls. Happy Halloween!

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