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Going home always brings on a whirlwind of activities and special invitations. On Friday afternoon, we were invited to tea at the lovely home of my other brother in-law. It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived and the table was laid beautifully with a linen tablecloth and napkins, set with delicate china plates and a fantastic display of delicacies made by my sister-in law’s younger sister.
An arrangement of ferns and leaves in mini glass containers served as the centerpiece with flowers used as decorations on the cakes. Spread all around the table were yummy things to eat. There was the traditional Rojel – an Argentinean take on the mille-feuille with each puff pastry layer interspersed with dulce de leche and covered entirely with fluffy meringue. To commemorate our baby’s baptism, there was a white chocolate angel on top of the all-white Rojel. There was also a chocolate mousse cake with a chocolate cookie crumb base, nutty brownies and a stack of home-made soft rolls filled with ham and cheese.

We managed to finish off most of the sandwiches with several slices of cake and lots of tea and coffee. The rest of the afternoon went by quickly while we sat around the table chatting and catching up on each other’s news. We lost track of the time, deceived by the late sunset and didn’t realize it was already 9 p.m. when we decided to head home.

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