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My son celebrated his 7th birthday with a football party at the Villa Padierna Racquet Club. Luckily, it didn’t rain and although it was cold, the sun was out for most of the day. His friends came over for a few hours and played football (refereed by my husband), jumped around in the bouncy castle and ran around the playground while us mums huddled near the restaurant terrace. Hotdogs and hamburgers were served from the grill (proper football fare) and a fantastic birthday cake made by Mercedes (one of the mums) was enjoyed by all. J came in the football kit his favorite team, Boca Juniors, and his cake was Boca-themed as well. A fun afternoon was had by all.

4 thoughts on “Birthday Cake

  1. Hi Marietta,Just as I write this, the luggage has arrived so we finally get our change of clothes.G.T.


  2. Hola Ana Maria,Me alegro mucho que te haya gustado la torta. Olvide de decir que era una torta de chocolate con dulce de leche – que te parrece? – mas Argentino que esto no puede ser.G.T.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope your bag has arrived in the meantime.A very unpleasant experience to be stranded in a hotel without luggage! Hope you find it soon. Enjoy Madrid, a pesar de esto!Marietta


  4. Anonymous says:

    Soy argentina,pero … de River! Sin embargo, debo decir que estuve muy impresionada por esa magnifica torta de cumpleaños boquense! Felicitaciones al chico del cumpleaños, a los padres y a esta señora Mercedes que me parece un genio repostero. Ana María de Caballito


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