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On my mom’s last evening in Marbella, we had dinner at De’Medici, a well-known Italian restaurant not far from where we live. We had heard good things about the place so we were curious to se what it was like.

We arrived early and were seated in the main dining area. The interiors of De’Medici are a bit too much for my taste but I guess what they wanted to recreate was the atmosphere of a Florentine home with textured walls and colourful decorations.

We were given olives, bread and some crudites with the menus which had several pages of Italian specialties – from pastas to risottos and veal, beef, chicken, fish and even a section on calves liver. It was difficult to decide on what to order because there were so many wonderful dishes on the menu.

To start, we shared a beef carpaccio and a rocket and Parmesan salad. This was served with our half bottle of Marques de Caceres Rioja. Our main courses were gnocchi with tomato cream sauce for both my husband and son, veal with lemon sauce for my mom and the spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino for me. I really enjoyed my spicy spaghetti which is often either too oily or too spicy. At De’Medici, the combination of the garlic, olive oil and chilies were a perfect companion to the extra-thin spaghetti noodles. The food was simple and delicious, the way Italian cuisine should be. I’m sure that we’ll be returning soon.

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