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Off to Madrid for the weekend. We left Malaga yesterday afternoon and arrived on time (yay!) but soon realized that one of our suitcases was lost (oh no!). Luckily, the children’s luggage arrived and so did the trendy Bugaboo car seat but our suitcase was nowhere to be found. A long discussion with the SpanAir staff followed which led to no straight answers – no compensation and no schedule as to when we would get our luggage so we gave up and headed to the Ritz where we arrived past 10 p.m. sans suitcase, checked-in and went straight back out for a quick dinner at Wagaboo with our 7-year old. Back to the hotel for an early night – no eyeglasses for me so I couldn’t even read or watch t.v.

Woke up early this morning and I have to say that without luggage, getting ready is so easy – no choices for clothes and no make-up (although I did manage to recycle my lenses) so we had more time to enjoy the wonderful Ritz breakfast. Hopefully, we get our suitcase soon although we haven’t heard anything from SpanAir yet. If not, we’re going to have to hit the shops for some basics or else it will become a real challenge to look ritzy at the Ritz wearing the same clothes three days in a row.

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