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One thing led to another and the week has just gone by and I still haven’t finished my last post on our weekend in Madrid. Well, here it is.

On Carrera de San Jeronimo, not far from the ultra-modern and hip Urban hotel is where Casa Mira is found. My friend T had mentioned that this is where the King of Spain supposedly gets his turron (nougat). Traditionally eaten during Christmas, here at Casa Mira, turrones are available year-round. The store has a lovely window showcasing a gigantic revolving, multi-tiered display of goodies from croissants to polvorones (flaky biscuits) and lots of other pastries and candies wrapped in fancy paper that people passing by often stop and stare and almost always enter to buy something.

Inside, the different turrones are displayed on a marble counter where you choose which one you want from the large block and they cut off the portion that you’d like to buy. The large revolving display is where you choose whatever else you’d like which they then place in pink-coloured cardboard boxes or in colourful paper bags. On the wall is a large photo of el Rey (the king of Spain) looking over all the delicacies on offer. Maybe the rumours are true and this is the royal family’s favorite turron.

We couldn’t leave without sampling something from the wonderful display so my husband and I shared a sugar doughnut and ate this on our walk back to the hotel. Alongside us where several other Madrilenos with a small paper bag of goodies from Casa Mira. Another gourmet discovery worth visiting next time we’re in Madrid.

2 thoughts on “CASA MIRA

  1. Let me know how it goes and I hope Al and tje kids don’t blame me for their dinner.G.T.


  2. Chinot says:

    Got v inspired again while looking through your blog so I’ve decided to have all of next week cooking up your recipes. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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