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Yesterday night was the opening party of the Hotel Finca Cortesin, a 67-suite property up in the hills of Casares. It will be part of a large development with villas, residences a small shopping area and a golf course.

We were welcomed into the hotel courtyard its’ lovely cobblestones and colourful tiled wall before being ushered into the hotel where there were several buffet tables spread out – at the bar and outdoor terrace, drinks were served – from champagne to cocktails; at their all-day dining restaurant, there were plates of jamon, cheeses and assorted cold cuts; at Schilo, their fine dining restaurant, there were tiny tasting plates of sushi and dim sum from their Asian-inspired menu; at the Moroccan-inspired courtyard, there was a large table of petits fours, desserts and even an ice-cream bar.

Instead of a usual cocktail, guests were free to roam around the hotel and a few suites were even left open for guests to have a look. It was very relaxed and had a pretty good turn-out. After a bit of schmoozing, we left and had a quick tapas dinner at Asador Guadalmina. I’m looking forward to returning to Finca Cortesin and having brunch on their lovely terrace one of these days.

2 thoughts on “FINCA CORTESIN

  1. O.K. It’s a date. Just tell me when.


  2. Chinot says:

    I’ll come with you for that brunch – only if we go to the Asador place after!


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