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Sundays are lazy days and today was no different.  Our son went on a play date, the baby was asleep at home with the nanny and that left me and my husband free to spend a long, lazy afternoon together.  It was our first day at the beach this season and since the weather today was perfect – blue skies, hot sun, light breeze from the Mediterranean – we decided to go to nearby Purobeach at the Laguna Village.

This trendy all-white themed beach club was launched three years ago and took awhile to get its’ act together.  Last year, they hired a new manager who knows what he’s doing and tweaked the menu a bit and this time, it looks like they’ve succeeded.  Service was courteous and efficient – there were towels on hand, the sun loungers were neatly laid out in a row, umbrellas were no longer heavy and impossible to move around.
As soon as we settled into our loungers, we were given an ice-filled bucket with two bottles of Voss mineral water, two mini lavender water misters, two cold towels and a small wooden tray with watermelon, pineapple and melon – a nice touch.  We spent a couple of hours reading and working on our tans before ordering some lunch – a small Caesar salad, some french fries and a tandoori chicken wrap along with some frozen lemonade. The food arrived quickly and was simple yet delicious – a far cry from the choices on their old menu.  After lunch, we read some more and snoozed a bit.  Later in the afternoon, a DJ arrived and the music was turned up and switched from chill out to lounge.  We left around 6:00 p.m. while it was still bright and the sun was still warm. Great to know that Purobeach has got it’s groove back and just in time for the summer.  We’ll definitely be back soon.

*NB: The old Trader Vic’s  in Laguna Village will be split into two new restaurants: a branch of the well-known La Pappardella has already opened and right beside it there will soon be a Terra Sana Express.

P.D. Jan, 2010 – Purobeach used to be open all-year round but closed for the winter season in 2009 and will reopen in Easter 2010.

Purobeach Marbella
Laguna Village
Playa El Padron, Carretera de Cadiz Km 159
Tel: +34 951 316 699

2 thoughts on “PUROBEACH

  1. Well, it's open all year round so you can still sit by the beach even in winter when some days are bright and sunny.


  2. Cheap Hotels says:

    Great place to stay most specially during summer. I hope I can visit the place next summer together w/ my family.


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