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One of the things we miss the most about living here in Marbella is sushi. For the amount of fresh fish that seems to be available, good sushi restaurants are scarce. There are a few restaurants that are good, Sushi des Artistes and Taro, but their exorbitant prices make eating there both a pleasure and pain.

Katsura, on the other hand, is a Marbella institution that has been in the same spot since 1994. It isn’t stylish or fancy but the sushi is consistently fresh and good. We had been to Katsura several times but not recently (or at least not since the Japanese owner/sushi chef passed away a couple of years ago). They were closed for a bit then re-opened under new Russian owners who have retained the assistant sushi chefs and servers (all Filipino). Although it now lacks the special atmosphere it used to have because of the grumpy Japanese chef/owner, it has been spruced up with a minor renovation and more importantly, the quality of the sushi is the same as before, the service efficient and courteous and the price, amazingly reasonable.
Having already had dinner there last week, we went again yesterday evening after a fun day at Purobeach for a simple and delicious meal of sushi, sashimi and our favorite tofu agedashi. The place was packed with a mixed crowd of diners and several others waiting for their sushi takeaway at the bar. The food was very good, as usual, and after our quick dinner, we finished with two scoops of ice cream: green tea and red bean and left the restaurant feeling sated and not cheated.
Avenida Ramon Gomez de la Serna, 4
Edificio Granada 29602 Marbella
Tel: +34 952 863 193
* Parking building alongside
* Takeaway

* New location: Katsura Sushi bar takeaway
Centro Plaza, Local 42
Nueva Andalucia
Tel: +34 952 818 583

2 thoughts on “KATSURA

  1. I think there are many Pinoys all over Spain and Marbella has become home for lots of them. Maybe because the weather is so similar to Manila without the rainy season.


  2. When my wife and I were in Marbella a couple of years ago, we encountered some Filipinos working in the restaurants. Are you seeing more pinoys in Spain? Why Marbella?


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