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Now that the summer is over, I’ve replanted my mini jardin potager (kitchen garden) which I often use to add some freshness to our food.  Right now, I have eight small pots of herbs:  chives for omelettes fines herbes or added onto boiled new potatoes with melted butter; cilantro for Asian dishes like steamed fish; parsley for sauteed potatoes or in a bolognese sauce; basil for tomato sauce or just on a salad of sliced tomatoes; rosemary for lemon roast chicken; thyme for grilled lamb chops and mint for Vietnamese nems or to add in a pot of green tea.  I also have a red chili plant (bird’s eye chili) in a larger pot on the terrace to add to Thai curries and spicy stir-fries.  There are so many ways to jazz up a dish just with fresh herbs and having a few pots on a shady window sill or in a small corner of your garden is an easyway to add some interesting flavors to your home cooking.

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