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After a recent walk around Puerto Banus, I noticed that the storefront near Pizza San Marzano (aka Pizza Express), which was still under construction a few weeks back, is now open.  La Moraga Sweet, operated by chef Dani Garcia and his team at nearby always-packed tapas bar La Moraga Iberica, is a little cafe with a large display of cakes that look almost like art in their perfection.  This little place will definitely give Le Notre (on the other end of the same road) a run for its’ money.  When we dropped by, they were still stringing up the plastic bubble lamp over the cake display case but otherwise, the place was ready.   I had an illy espresso in a special cup created by Pedro Almodovar along with a designer looking eclair filled with coffee cream.  The stools are fun but not that comfortable so it be a place where you can linger with your cappuccino but you can always drop by for a quick coffee and a pastry and then choose one of the cakes to enjoy at home.  It’s a great place to buy a hostess gift or as a present when one is invited over.  I’m definitely going back for another espresso and to try another of their pretty pastries.
P.D. (January 30 2010) – Went back today to buy some of their wonderful pastries.  Pricey at 3 euros a piece but worth it especially with the fantastic packaging.  Just wish that the staff would learn to smile and make the experience more pleasant.

3 thoughts on “LA MORAGA SWEET

  1. dining table says:

    It is so nice to hear from you! I would love to see more posts from you about your gourmet adventures.


  2. Hi Kiko,Great to hear from you! I'll write you back a longer email but yes, I would love to help you out with contacts in the Philippines. Your blog looks fantastic and the it sounds like lots of fun! I look forward to reading about your gourmet travels.


  3. Kiko says:

    Hi Lyn! Nice to hear from you. Your blog is still an inspiration to us;)! Thanks…maybe in the end of our journey ours becomes so interesting as yours! Well, i hope you've checked our website:). It's going to be a huge adventure, for sure. Oh, we would be very pleased if you could help us in the Phillipines. To be honest we have no idea what to there…as to say, which are the best places to visit and where are the best dishes. At the same, we are looking for a local family that can give us shelte during the time we're planning to stay there (more or less 10 days). Of course we're not planning to stay all time at the same place…would you like to be our virtual guide in our beloved country:)! I'm glad you found us because in our moves to Africa and all that i lost the card you gave. I was very sad. Give us news, maybe by email: or We're anxious to hear from you.Thanks! Kisses,Kiko and Maria


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