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Sometimes I dread trying out a new place because I haven’t heard anything about it or no one has recommended it.  Open since 2008, I’ve driven by Pan y Mermelada countless times when it was still a tiny cafe that had a nondescript storefront.  I would tell myself to stop by but always ended up putting it off for another time.  Late last year they moved to bigger premises right next door and now have a proper eating area where breakfast, lunch and dinner is served and a larger sign thats’ hard to miss.  We finally made the effort to drive there last weekend for a late breakfast and I’m so pleased we did.
Pan y Mermelada’s bright orange interiors is welcoming and the assorted dark wood tables and chairs makes the place feel like a proper cafe.  There is a cake display counter right by the entrance and a shelf for freshly-baked bread right behind it.  First thing I noticed was that they serve illy coffee – a very good sign.
We asked for the breakfast menu and were told of the selection of fresh bread (brown, white and even squash) served either with butter and jam (hence the name pan y mermelada) or with olive oil and crushed tomatoes – Andalusian style.  They also mentioned that they had eggs to order that weren’t listed on the menu.  Since we were starving and ready for a big breakfast, we ordered two sweet croissants (not French-style but Argentine-style with a sugar glaze on top), two double espressos, fried eggs with bacon and squash bread  (this was delicious!!!!) and pan con tomate (toasted brown bread with crushed tomatoes and olive oil).  The server was a bit surprise at how much we ordered but we told her that we were ready for a big breakfast and we didn’t disappoint her as we finished everything on our plates and still had space for another espresso.  This little cafe/restaurant is definitely going on my list of breakfast favorites.  Now, I just need to get back there to have lunch or dinner and see if it’s as good as the breakfast.
Pan y Mermelada
Carretera de Cadiz Km 179
Urb. Marbella Real, Local 14
29600 Marbella
Tel: +34 952 829 308

One thought on “PAN Y MERMELADA

  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought the place was doing well and had noticed a few weeks ago that they have closed down along with everything else in miserable Marbella.


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