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Thanks to the Cooking Ninja who tagged me for two awards – recently which she received from Flamingo Musings.   So, instead of doing two separate lists (one for things that make me happy and another for an honest list about me), here goes 10 things that make me honestly happy (in no particular order):

  1. Spending time with my husband, son and daughter.
  2. Staying in touch with old friends and making new ones.
  3. Traveling to an old favorite, like Paris, and trying something new – a new bistro or cafe or finding a new boutique.
  4. Reading a fantastic novel or an inspiring cookbook.
  5. Chancing on a gourmet treat- either a recipe/dish or an ingredient – via a blog or a recommendation.
  6. Writing about my gourmet travels and sharing my gourmet discoveries (travel tips and restaurant recommendations) with as many people as possible.
  7. Baking bread or cooking comfort food on a rainy day.
  8. Living in different countries, learning the language and discovering different cultures. (We’ve got some news about a move but I’ll save that for another post.)
  9. Going through travelogues for inspiration and to dream about places I haven’t been.
  10. Visiting a local market and having a simple meal made up of fresh local produce.
Now, I’d like to pass on these two awards to these fellow bloggers who inspire me and always make me hungry:
George at My Hotel Life
Chichajo at 80 Breakfasts

6 thoughts on “Honest Scrap & Happy 101 Awards

  1. Thanks Chichajo! I'm so looking forward to our new destination.


  2. ChichaJo says:

    Thank you for the award! 🙂 (baking or cooking on a rainy day yes!)Good luck on the move!


  3. You're welcome Bea! Can't wait to see how your cookbook will turn out.


  4. Thank you for the sweet note!


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