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After several months of waiting, we finally found out that we are moving at the end of March. Guess where we’re going?  Bali!  What an auspicious start to 2010 and a new adventure for the family.  We’re getting organized and starting the packing process – contacting removal companies, sorting clothes, getting rid of junk, giving stuff away, canceling utilities and cable, finding a school – the list is endless.  Before we move though, we’re going to Las Vegas (to try and use those flights we couldn’t over Christmas) and visit family before we head off to the far east.  The last time we were in Bali was in 2003 when our son wasn’t even two years old and we spent a week there and another week in Singapore and Manila.  We’re looking forward to the move and the new experience of life in the tropics.  I’m getting ready with my flip flops and summer outfits – Bali, here we come.

2 thoughts on “We’re moving (again)

  1. Well, now you can come to Bali instead.


  2. Miguel says:

    Nice…but sayang can get na a discount from Villa Padierna – such a nice place!


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