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Las Vegas has so many Asian restaurants that we always make it a point to eat as much Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai while we’re there since we can hardly get authentic Asian cuisine in Marbella.   On one of those evenings, we went to the only restaurant we know of in Las Vegas that serves Hong-Kong style Peking duck with pancakes (most places serve it with the Chinese white buns, at Chang’s you can pre-order the pancakes to go with your duck).  My sister had her birthday meal at Chang’s recently and the food was good so a few weeks after that, we went back for dinner.
First of, the menu at Chang’s isn’t the typical 10-page Chinese menu.  They have a limited (4 pages) dinner menu with select items and a full choice of dim sum daily.  Lots of typical dishes on the menu and lots of seafood specialties as well.
We started off with wonton soup – clear chicken broth and pork-filled dumplings.  The pièce de résistance came next – Peking duck served two ways – first with the crispy skin sliced and served in pancakes with Hoisin sauce, sliced green onions and sliced cucumbers.  The second traditional way is the cooked duck meat minced and served in lettuce cups like moo shu pork which we asked to be changed to duck fried rice instead which they were happy to do.
The rest of the dishes were soon served after: crispy orange-flavored beef,  deep-fried salt and pepper flounder, spicy green beans and crispy noodles with seafood and vegetables.  The beef was spicy sweet and crispy and a good choice for the kids, the green beans were hot and spicy and the noodles were covered in squid, shrimp, fish, bok choy and carrots.  The second-best dish after the Peking duck was the crunchy batter-covered flounder which was filleted, fried then served on top of the whole deep-fried flounder fish bones.  The fish wasn’t oily at all and the subtle spice mix of salt, pepper and hot green chilies gave it a deliciously spicy kick.  And the best indicator of really good Chinese food – our plates were clean and we didn’t have much left to take home.
Chang’s food isn’t the typical greasy stuff you get at other restaurants.  It’s Chinese cuisine that’s brought to another level and although dinner is quiet, they say that the lunch is packed.  Next time, we’ll be back for some dim sum.
Chang’s Hong Kong Cuisine
4670 S Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: (702) 362-3663
Open daily
Dim Sum Brunch: 10:30am – 3pm
Dinner: 3pm – 10pm

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