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Today is the official day that the packers start to box and wrap everything up in preparation for our departure on Tuesday.  We have spent the last four years in Marbella (the longest posting we’ve ever had) and are ready for the change but we’re still sad to leave our “home” and say goodbye to our friends.   People think it gets easier with every move, but it actually gets harder and this time is no exception.

We go to the hotel later today with our eight pieces of luggage, car seats and strollers which is what all we’ll have for the next eight weeks or maybe longer.  It’s been an organizational challenge to get everything ready for this move and I’m looking forward to our flight out on Tuesday.  We will spend a few days in Singapore before heading off to Bali at the end of the week to start our new island life.  Hopefully, my next post will already be from the island of the Gods.  Until then, sampai jumpa.

5 thoughts on “Bali, here we come

  1. @The Hotel Life – I'm looking forward to posting on Bali.@Miguel – Thanks!


  2. Miguel says:

    Good Luck…


  3. I thought you were moving to Mexico? Well, Bali is fantastic – the architecture, the night life, the food. Hotel Tugu Bali is one of my favorite places. Can't wait to read about all your adventures.


  4. Thanks! You'll read about my new gourmet travels in Bali very soon. Let me know when you decide to come to the island.


  5. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stopover in Singapore. :)Cool, now I have a friend whom I can visit in Bali. 🙂 Never been to Bali but have always wanted to visit it. 🙂


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