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After a whole day spent seeing doctors, I was really looking forward to meeting up with a cousin who I hadn’t seen in ages.  Since I had heard quite a lot about PS Cafe, we decided to see each other at the Palais Renaissance branch which is not as far as the main one on Harding road and not as casual as the one in the Paragon mall.  I arrived early and sat outside on the terrace with a well-deserved illy cappuccino and just enjoyed being outdoors underneath the ceiling fans and sitting quietly for the first time that day. 
As soon as Debbie arrived, we started to chat and almost forgot to order something to eat.  Since only the afternoon tea menu was available, we waited a few minutes more for the dinner menu to be offered at 6:00 p.m.   PS Cafe has an extensive menu which has salads, starters, sandwiches and main courses.  Aside from that, there are also the blackboard specials that change daily.  On the board that day were a vegetable quiche with salad and a soft-shell crab appetizer plus a few other dishes. After debating on whether we should have two courses or not, we finally settled on the PS steak burger for Debbie and the Moroccan lamb for myself.
While we had our cold drinks – a refreshing minty lemon squash for me and an iced tea for her, we started to rehash what we’d both been up to for the last ten years which is around the time we last met up.   All that time meant loads of catching up to do and before we knew it, our food was ready.  The hamburger was a giant beef patty topped with cheese, mushrooms, crispy onion rings and tomatoes on a soft sesame seed bun which also came with a mound of thin fries which we had asked to be replaced with the special PS Cafe truffle fries.  My Moroccan lamb was grilled lamb loin topped with Harissa-flavored yogurt on roasted vegetable couscous.  The lamb was moist and and tasted of spices wile the couscous was sweetened by the roasted tomatoes, eggplant and peppers.  I didn’t try the burger but we did share the truffle fried which were delicious – crispy, hot and with that mushroom-earthy hint of truffle.  After our delicious dinner, we shared a slice of coffee cheesecake with some espressos.  Late afternoon had turned into night very quickly and before we knew it, four hours had passed and we were still at PS Cafe.  When we finally left, they were about to close already so we set off from the restaurant towards Orchard road and said our goodbyes and promised to meet up again soon.
PS Cafe at Palais
Level 2, Palais Renaissance Shopping Center
390 Orchard Road, Singapore
Telephone: +65 9834 8232

Open weekdays from 11:30 till late
Weekends open from 9:30
Brunch served on weekends from 9:30 to 5:00

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