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When I got back from Singapore, I spent a few weeks more house hunting with the looming arrival of our container from Spain.  Luckily, on the last week of May, I finally found a suitable house for rent that would be our new home in Bali.
Right before all the moving and unpacking started, a friend invited me for lunch at the Banyan Tree Ungasan’s Bambu.  Seeing Edna is a treat because she is always so calm and collected that I’ve joked it’s like having a yoga-lunch session.  We started out with an Indonesian gado-gado which is a classic dish of steamed or boiled vegetables (usually carrots, green beans, bean sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage) with fried bean curd and a hard-boiled egg served with a peanut sauce dip.  This version had the vegetables already tossed with the peanut sauce dressing – very good as a cold starter on a hot day.
For our main courses, Edna had the vegetable Pad-Thai which was the classic Thai noodle dish served only with vegetables and all the condiments on the side – chili, peanuts, sugar, lime – so you could make your mix as sweet or spicy as you like.  Ji chose the Indonesian mixed-plate of noodles with a fried egg, prawn crackers and spicy prawns which came with several small dishes of sauces – chili soy and spicy sambal.  I opted for one of my favorite dishes – Hainanese Chicken Rice which came with the traditional chicken broth and three sauces: chili garlic, ginger and scallion, dark soy.  The portions were large and the food was good.  We ended our meal with Es Buah – sliced fruits served with black Chinese jelly in iced coconut milk.  Edna took us on a short tour of the hotel where we saw a two bedroom cliff villa with a fantastic view of the ocean and a large private pool then we all headed home.
Bambu at the Banyan Tree Ungasan

Jalan Melasti, Banjar Kelod
Ungasan, Bali 80364
Telephone: +62 361 300 7000
Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner with indoor and outdoor seating areas

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