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After a week in Miami, we arrived in Buenos Aires on a Saturday.  A sunny spring day greeted us when we landed and we went directly to A‘s parent’s home where we had a big Argentinean breakfast of facturas (pastries) con dulce de leche.  We spent the rest of the day taking it easy at home. On our first evening we went for dinner to Sotto Voce, where as usual we had a very good meal.  After a post-dinner walk around the block, we headed home for an early night.

For Sunday lunch, we went to our favorite parrilla (grill) restaurant in Buenos Aires, El Mirasol.  As always, the mollejas (sweetbreads) were excellent – thinly-sliced,crispy and delicious just with a squirt of lemon. We had empanadas de carne (fried meat pies), a few salads, fried potatoes: papas fritas (thin fries) and papas rejilla (waffle fries) and two types of grilled meat: entrana (skirt steak) and matambrito de cerdo (a traditional Argentine cut of pork) with the traditional chimichurri – a sauce of herbs (mostly parsley an oregano), vinegar and oil which we enjoyed with Rutini’s Trumpeter Cabernet Sauvignon .  It was a good start to our week’s holiday in Buenos Aires and a perfect welcome to Argentina – family, lots of grilled meat and wine.

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