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Last week, a friend called out of the blue and invited me to lunch at the new and improved The Junction and I gladly accepted.  We had agreed to meet at noon so I would have enough time to zoom back from Seminyak to Sanur for the school run. 
The Junction is on a busy corner of Seminyak’s Jalan Laksmana and right across from the modern strip mall, Seminyak Square.   You can’t miss it as it’s made completely from recycled planks of wood.  The whitewashed slats just let in enough light and gives the space a modern colonial feel.  A few tables and chairs plus some sofa-seating and lots and lots of glass jars filled with all sorts of stuff – from rocks and shells to tiny plastic dolls and colorful wrappers – acting as the only colorful decor to the otherwise all-white space.
Clockwise from top left: grilled aubergine, red pepper, zucchini & mozzarella, Prosciutto San Daniele,
Vietnamese chicken salad, tomato and mozzarella salad

I arrived a few minutes past noon and C was already seated at one of the indoor tables having a juice.  After looking at the menus (mostly continental cuisine with a few Asian touches), we decided to both have The Junction salad which a client nearby was having – half a melon filled with San Daniele prosicutto and greens.  Turns out that they had run out of the Junction salad (guess, there were no more melons) and so we had another look at the menu and decided to split a starter of grilled vegetables and mozzarella then C chose the tomato mozzarella salad with a side of San Daniele prosicutto and I had the Vietnamese chicken noodle salad.  Portions are large and the salads were fresh and simply presented.  The hours passed quickly while we chatted about what we had been up to since we last saw each other more than a month before. We shared a chocolate pudding to finish off our meal and before we knew it, it was time for me to rush off to the other side of the island, so said a quick goodbye and agreed to meet for lunch again soon.

The Junction
Jalan Laksmana
(across Seminyak Square)
Seminyak, Bali
tel: +62 361735 610

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