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Finding a good cafe near the Bukit is close to impossible unless you head off to a hotel in Nusa Dua or Jimabaran or risk going to one of the many warungs on the long road up to Uluwatu which is why having Warung Keramik at the bottom of the hill is really convenient.  Located off to one side of the futuristic structure that houses Jenggala Keramik‘s showroom is this bright and airy cafe with modern interiors and an ever-changing display of ceramics and art.
I have been to this little place several times now, very often when we used to live up in the Bukit and a few other times when I’m in the area.  It’s a really good spot for breakfast as they open early and the menu is varied.  The egg-white omelet or the feta omelet is tasty and comes with a freshly-made crispy potato latke.  Coffees are good, service is friendly and portions are large.  It’s also quite nice for a solo lunch or with friends and because it’s right beside the showroom and shop of Jenggala, one can always indulge in a little retail therapy afterwards.
Jenggala Building
Jalan Uluwatu II
Telephone: +62 361 704 640
Open daily from 7:00 to 5:30 serving breakfast, lunch and tea.

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