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Another morning, another breakfast.  Hash House a go go is hard to miss on Sahara boulevard (they have to other locations in Las Vegas) because of the large sign and the orange facade.  Their reputation for fantastic breakfasts is also well-known. They call their cuisine “Twisted Farm Food” which probably means something but I’m not sure what. The place is larger than it seems but not packed on that weekday morning, although on the weekends the line snakes out the door and there’s always a crown hanging out on the front porch waiting for a table.

We were seated in one of the back booths (perfect if you have kids, like we do) and given the menus.  Surprised to see proper coffee (Lavazza), we ordered a cappuccino and an espresso immediately, even before looking through the specials.  The menu is big with House Hashes, Farm Scrambles, Favorite Scrambles, Flapjacks and Waffles, Indiana Favorites, Farm Benedicts and Other Great Things from the Stove.  With that many dishes to choose from, it took awhile for us to decide what to have.
In the end, we chose two main breakfasts – the corned beef, red onions and Swiss cheese (US$12.95) from the House Hashes and from the Indiana favorites the special Andy’s Sage-fried chicken Benedict (US$15.95).   We also ordered one kids Tractor Driver Combo – two eggs, sausage and a buttermilk flapjack.  There were five of us (three adults and two children, aged 9 and 2) but seeing the large portions coming out of the kitchen, we thought we should keep our order to a minimum.
The coffees were served first – the espresso was a disaster, watery and in a regular coffee cup like they wanted to make sure the cup was really full of coffee, my cappuccino was OK although the coffee flavor was hardly there for the amount of milk and froth in the cup.  (I guess I have to remember that in America, diner coffee rules and all other coffees should only be ordered in specialty places.)
Then the food arrived – the kid’s plate was a large dinner plate covered entirely in one extra large flapjack with the scrambled eggs and sausage on the side.  The corned beef hash was served in a cast-iron skillet – shredded homemade corned beef over breakfast potatoes with the poached eggs and biscuit on the side.  What was shocking was the sage-fried chicken which was a large oval platter (not a plate) where a mound of food was covered entirely in white gravy.  It looked scary but once we scraped most of the gravy out and dug through the pile, meaty crunchy fried chicken morsels were unearthed along with buttery biscuits and a tasty bacon studded mashed potato.  (They need to work on the presentation for that dish because it was a hearty delicious breakfast but to see that mountain of white gravy covering everything was not that appetizing.) We somehow managed to get through all that food but we did skip lunch that day.
Hash House agogo
6800 West Sahara Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89146
Tel: +1 (702) 804 4646
Open all-day on Mondays to Saturdays, and for breakfast and lunch on Sundays.
*Two other locations at The Imperial Palace on Las Vegas Blvd. (Tel: 1 702 254 4646) and at The M Hotel in Henderson (Tel: 1 702 797 1500)

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