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Potato Head Beach Club is Bali’s newest beach club.  Out to give neighbor KuDeTa a run for it’s money, Potato Head is easily triple the size, with three restaurants, a large pool right by the ocean, and a sophisticated design atmosphere with vintage furniture and hundreds of faded pastel-colored shutters layered one on top of each other as decoration.
I was meeting a friend for lunch and got there right after noon on a Monday.  The place was not full although there were several families sitting around the pool and a few others having lunch at the lounge.  Since I was early, I sat at the long bar near the entrance and had an iced tea while enjoying the view.  C arrived soon after and we walked over to the lounge area where we sat at a low table close to the beach.
The lunch menu is limited with salads, sandwiches and a few light main courses – pastas and seafood.  C opted for the vegetable quesadilla and I chose the chicken tikka on pita.  When the server came to take our order and I told her my choice, she said that they didn’t have the chicken tikka and then started to enumerate all the other menu items that were not available that day – another six (!!!) dishes that couldn’t be ordered which made the already limited menu quite unappetizing.  This was pretty surprising for what seems to be a sophisticated restaurant that has now been open for about three months.  I can imagine that they have had some time now to get the service and food organized, but apparently not.  Since I was left with not much choice, I decided to have same thing C was having – the vegetable quesadilla which came filled with roasted onions, eggplant and zucchini and slathered with some type of creamy yoghurt mayonnaise – not bad but nothing special either.  It’s a good thing that C and I had lots to chat about and the next couple of hours went by quickly.  Lunch ended with an espresso for me.  Potato Head has a lot of potential with it’s wonderful setting and fun design and I look forward to going back when the other two restaurants are up and running to see if they turn out a better meal.
Jalan Petitenget
Seminyak, Bali
Telephone: +62 361 737 979
*Open daily from noon to 1:00 a.m.

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