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A  hidden-away tea room in the small Erawan shopping mall, the Erawan Tea Room is an oasis of calm with its’ colonial-style interiors and shelves filled with a display of ceramics, teas and other goodies for sale.   Dark tables are set with green plates shaped like lily pad leaves similar to the traditional Portuguese Faience lettuce plates.  Music, oddly is sixties pop which might have been intentional in keeping with the “old-style” theme but was a bit strange considering the chic surroundings.

The menu is exclusively Thai with several specials (seafood was highlighted that month) and has several pages of traditional Thai dishes offered in both small and large portions.  On my first meal there, M and I had dinner –  yellow chicken curry for her and the stir-fried greens with crispy pork for me.   A few days later, A and I stopped by for a late lunch and tried some new dishes and drinks.  Fresh pink lemonade for A and the Pandan-flavored iced tea for me followed by several dishes to share: laarb (chopped pork sauteed in basil, chili and lime), stir-fried greens, Pad Thai prawn noodles which came wrapped in an omelet and steamed rice.  The Erawan Tea Room is a perfect lunch or afternoon tea stop after a day of shopping and an ideal place for either a girl’s lunch or even a solo meal.
Erawan Tea Room
(managed by the Grand Hyatt)
2nd floor, Erawan Mall
494 Ploenchit Road
Telephone: +662 250 7777
Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. straight for morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner.

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