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Okay, so I’ve been back in Bali for a week now but I still haven’t gotten around to posting anything on Paris (we never made it to Cannes, there was a mix-up with the hotel bookings and during the festival, there are NO extra rooms to be had on La Croisette, so we just stayed in Paris) but I’m uploading the photos now and getting ready to do one post after another on my Paris week.  I also just got back from a mini-break in Singapore so there’ll be a few entries on that too.  Hang in there and keep checking in for new posts.

4 thoughts on “Back in Bali

  1. Sorry to hear about the Cannes mix up! Can’t wait to read about Paris! And again thanks for all the tips on expense tracking. =)


    1. You’re welcome! Hope my expenses excel sheer concept inspired you to so something similar.
      Who can complain about not going to Cannes when the exchange is a week in Paris? I’m busily uploading photos an doing the layout so I can finish several posts this week before heading out to Singapore again for a few days. Check again in a few days 🙂 for more Paris posts.


  2. Sailor says:

    >Beautiful Blog!


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