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Living in Sanur, we hardly ever get to Nusa Dua, but we do make an effort to drive there to eat at our favorite Japanese restaurant, Nampu at the Grand Hyatt.   We seem to celebrate most events there (my birthday last year with a Teppanyaki meal) and Thanksgiving dinner with the family at the hotel’s Pasar Senggol (night market).
Nampu has two separate areas – a Teppanyaki section nearer the entrance and the main restaurant further back with a classic Japanese menu.  Although we like both, we end up at the main restaurant more often as we can all have a little bit of everything instead of the set menu offered in the Teppanyaki area.  The menu is divided into several sections depending on the type of cooking – raw fish for sashimi and sushi, then fried, grilled. skewered or stewed items.
We always start with the Sashimi Moriawase – a variety of raw fish beautifully presented on crushed ice in a wooden boat.  The fish is always fresh and sliced perfectly.  From the Robata (Japanese-style grill), we order several types of skewered chicken: wings, ground in meatballs or thighs with leeks, all of which are marinated in a sweet soy sauce and served with a spicy red sauce on the side.  We also share a basket or two of Tempura Moriawase – mixed prawns and vegetable tempura which are light and crispy as they should be.  From the charcoal grill, we have either the Wagyu steak or the beef short ribs.  Tofu agedashi and miso soup are also always on the table along with some Gohan (steamed short-grain rice).  Service is efficient and courteous and the place is almost always packed. We’ve been back to Nampu so many times in the past year that when we get there they greet us by name and that’s also nice because then it feels like we’re eating at home.
at the Grand Hyatt
Nusa Dua, Bali
Telephone: +62 361 77 1234
*Open daily for dinner.

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